Atvērto darbnīcu cikls

  1. Bird Sound Bath.

    Krista Dintere

    Bird sound Bath - sonic experience from birds to birds.  A series of works initiated during "OpenLab. Nonhuman." workshop.

    In times of social seclusion we are more dependant on technology than ever before to be #present​, #connected​. But being always on-line is mentally demanding. Wellbeing Apps and online wellness resorts, meditation tips and sound bath experiences are constantly being advertised to us, but mental health and happiness cannot be downloaded. We have to connect to our time and place.

    Birdsong is proven to be calming and is being installed in waiting rooms around the globe. But can we relate, can we connect to birds if their life is much faster than ours? Chirps, rushing hearts and wing flappers. Birds do react to our music as well as there are musical artefacts in birdsong.

    Bird Sound Bath is a sonic experience from birds to birds and birds to humans. A sonically prepared bird feeder and bird bath is amplified and played back live on a speaker next to the tree, giving direct sonic feedback to birds as well as humans nearby. Birdsong is recorded and slowed down to the tempo and pitch of human voice, it creates choral like ambience when birdsong is present.

  2. murmur

    Elizabete Punka, Dena Doloresa Sircova

    Inspiration for this work was interspecies communication - between human and cat. Murmuring - a relaxing sound and feeling - because of the vibrations? Goal for this work was to experiment with sound recording and editing, and visualizations of the sound. We can see that fastening up the sound and adjusting lower or higher frequencies can completely change the way we perceive it, as well as the visualizations - way to understand the sound in a deeper level.

  3. Compost

    Team: Šarlote Baškevica, Krista Dintere, Rihards Grāvis

    The household compost pile can be seen as a symbiotic relationship between ecosystem and human. We feed the system and in return it gives us pure and fertile soil. And even more so, it reminds us of 3 fundamentals of lifecycle: birth, growth, death.

    In this project our aim was to reveal visual and sonic textures of compost in different life stages. By examining samples of compost layers under a microscope and measuring the temperatures, we translate this data into a musical piece. The piece goes through 6 stages of degrading and reduction, travelling from the surface of compost with higher sounds to deepest layers of lows. Temperature of compost over time accelerates and slows down the speed at which data is read.

  4. In touch

    Sebastians Štāls-Aploks; Pēteris Sīlis; Rasma Kroģere.

    In touch ir skaņas instalācija un performance, kurā autors vēlās iepazīt uz ielas atrasto un mirstošo telpaugu, nesaprotot kāpēc cilvēki pieķerās telpaugiem, vēlējās tam piešķirt spēju reaģēt uz cilvēka pieskārienu, dodot tam balsi. Auga šūnas pārvieto elektroimpulsus līdzīgi, kā cilvēka nervi un šī eksperimenta rezultātā augs turpināja pārvietot pieskāriena elektroimpulsus un sajust pieskārienu arī pēc tā izdarīšanas strādājot, kā bio-teremīna.

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